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We are delighted to introduce Phyx, a new range of artisan e-liquid flavours, which gives traditional flavours a modern twist.

Our initial range comprises 12 individual flavours, including Phyx Phynite, a fusion of mango, raspberry and pineapple; Phyx Phynesse, which combines watermelon with cooling mint; and Phyx Phyre, a full-bodied tobacco e-liquid infused with coffee.

The range has been created using only the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to ensure that all Phyx e-liquids are fully compliant with the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), the legislation which regulates the sale and use of vaping equipment and e-liquids.

It has already been notified and undergone the emissions and toxicological testing required by TPD.

Christian Mulcahy, Phyx’s business development director, said: “There is a growing demand in the vaping sector for more artisan e-liquid flavours which use unique and creative flavour combinations to create an altogether different vaping experience and Phyx is our way of tapping into that market.

“In a similar way to how craft beers have disrupted the brewing market, there is a certain type of vaper out there who demands big flavours and something different, from a brand that is a reflection of their personality and helps them to stand out from the crowd.

“Our team has many years’ experience in the vaping industry and have used their years of combined expertise to craft e-liquids which are big on flavour, but manufactured to the highest standards and specifications to ensure they are fully TPD-compliant, to give our trade partners peace of mind.”



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