Phyx is all about doing things differently. It’s created by vapers, for vapers who want more than just the same simple flavours that everyone else offers.

Phyx uses only the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, to ensure each and every hit is as clean and as pure as the last. Every Phyx flavour is unique and original. Inspired by the ‘craft beer’ revolution that has swept the globe, we have taken the same approach with our vapes, fusing big, bold flavours in interesting and innovative ways to create unique and unusual combinations which deliver an artisan vaping experience like no other.

From original classics with a twist, like the menthol hit of Phyx Phrenzy and the pure Virginia tobacco blend of Phyx Phyre to the subtle fruit fusions of Phyx Phantasy and Phyx Phyasco, all our premium e-liquids are designed to give a vape hit that’s big on flavour and on attitude.

It’s no longer a secret… if you’re part of the Phyx phamily, you’re in the company of vapers who know how to stand out from the crowd.

Join the Phyx ‘Craft Vaping’ 


At Phyx, we don’t just sell e-liquids.

We are all about creating unique and individual flavours which enhance the experience our vapers enjoy.  All our premium e-liquids are expertly-crafted by long-standing vape enthusiasts, who are bored of the same old flavours and want something different and unique.

They understand flavour, they understand taste… and they understand what vapers want. Whether it’s big, bold and unusual flavour combinations you’re after or creative twists on old classics, we’ve got an e-liquid that’s right for you.

What’s more, all our premium e-liquids are manufactured in the UK, using only the highest-quality ingredients to ensure you get maximum flavour but minimum exposure to the harmful chemicals contained in traditional tobacco products.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Phyx ‘craft vaping’ revolution today.


A Phyxation on Purity

Phyx is not just about flavour, it’s about delivering a pure vaping experience to our users.

Our vaping experts have used their years of combined expertise to craft e-liquids which are big on flavour but manufactured to the highest standards and specifications.

We use only the highest-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in all our e-liquids, to ensure that every single hit you take is as pure and free from harmful additives other chemicals as possible.

And all of our e-liquids comply fully with strict Tobacco Products Directive requirements which govern the strength, toxicity and addictiveness of vaping liquids, so you can be assured that you are only inhaling the finest ingredients with every hit.

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